Wedding Venues

Most times our guests come to us with an idea, with a photo of what they want their Wedding to look like, but with no idea on how to chose the Venue.
Is it a hotel the best choice? What about this beautiful castle? What is a beach Club? These and so many questions will be answered by us, giving you the best alternatives and guiding you to chose the best venue for your wedding in Italy.

Not only, but the Venues we collaborate with are the best you can find in Italy. For us, professionalism, experience and detail focus are a must.

You just have to chose the one that makes you fall in love, again.

Wedding Coordination

Every Wedding Event is a sum of professionists coming together to realize something beautiful and to create a unique atmosphere for the guests, but above all to fulfill the spouses’ dream of a loveful wedding ceremony. All these energies have to be coordinated to get the best out of them: this is our job.
Whatever the groom and the bride want, it’s on us to make it happen perfectly. Everything will go smoothly and will be exactly how the spouses imagined to be or even better.

Our Coordination work starts the moment we start planning the event, we’ll always be by your side (even if we’re miles apart), paying attention to all the necessities and the details. Of course we meet the bride and the groom one day before the wedding day (or few days before in case of legal ceremony, or if we planned the whole stay together) to just get sure that everything is on point.

We always give a special assistance to our brides for their dreaming day. From the coordination of their beauty team up to even dry their tears.


Italy is surely known for its excellent fashion designers, and we work only with the best of the best. However, if it is not possible to come in Italy some months before the wedding for a dress rehearsal, we suggest to purchase the wedding dress in your country, to have the best fit. Otherwise we will be very glad to help you to have the Italian signature also for your wedding attire.

Just a remainder: in Italy is not very common to find gown rentals

Something we really enjoy suggesting is:

  • Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Kids ceremony dresses
  • Coordinated outfits (or just accessories) for families for special days
  • Coordinated swimsuits for Bach parties

Flowers and decorations

One of the most impacting thing during wedding ceremonies are for sure Flowers. Flowers and all the decorations we can think about are a major part of the design we do together when we plan your dreaming day.

We will chose the perfect theme for your wedding according to your tastes and your wishes and everything will reflect it.

The theme will express perfectly the spouses personalities and the guests will feel it from every detail, because the chosen theme will start from the invitations and will be so much present in every single thing you’ll have on your special day.

Moreover we work with the best vendors and they will create a virtual project so you can have the perfect idea of how everything will look like.

We can realize anything you want: altars, welcome boards, tableau mariages… up to personalized structures we create from scratch.
We will propose you only
the most talented floral designers providing top-quality service, professionals that are experts in creating memorable and stylish decorations.

Photography and video

We believe that photos and videos of your lovely day are very important, because together with the memory of your marvelous wedding, will last forever. That’s why we choose only high standard photographers and videographers, able to capture every shade of the beauty of the love we’re celebrating.
Of course we’re in one of the most beautiful landscapes all over the world and we want to encapsulate that with Italian style photos that will enchant you.

We offer many photo and video services to frame not only your wedding ceremony, but also, if you want, your whole stay in Italy.

Can’t wait to show you the vintage car Photo Booth and all our original ideas.


Want to surprise everybody? We can transform your event in a beautiful show. Your guests and you will be amused by dancers, singing choreographies, jugglers, painters, magicians or comic waiters making everybody laugh. We can do whatever you have in mind, why not having dancers on the swimming pool, or your love story drawn in the sand.
Can’t wait to show you also a lot of typical folkloristic artists.

Music and DJ

We believe in the magic of music. The good music choice can change completely the ceremony mood and energy, that’s why we really care about it. We want your ceremony’s music to be well chosen to reflect the spouses style and to delight all the guests.
Whether you prefer classical music or you want to dance disco music all night long, we have what’s best for you.

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony, whether is a legal, religious or symbolic, can be enhanced by your favorite songs and instruments, you can chose among:

  • Violin or strings Quartet
  • Organist and Soprano
  • Harpist and Flautist
  • String Quartet and Harpist
  • Harp, Flaute and Oboe
  • Organ and Violin
  • Gospel choir

Musicians can perform in duos, trios or band style.

If you prefer a more modern touch you could opt for a guitar duo, piano and saxophone, guitar or pianist and singer or a live band.

Wedding Reception
For your reception music we have endless options! Here are some examples:

Cocktail time

  • Harpist & Flautist
  • String Quartet and Tenor
  • Guitar and Mandolin
  • Accordionist 
  • Jazz Trio 
  • Napolitan Quartet
  • DJ playing soft lounge music
  • Italian Posteggia

Dinner music entertainment:

  • Pianist
  • Pianist & Singer
  • Pianist & Sax
  • String Quartet
  • Neapolitan Quartet
  • Jazz Trio or Quartet playing classical standards
  • DJ with background music
  • Pop Live Band

After dinner

  • DJ
  • Jazz or Swing band + singers
  • Pop Live band
  • Funky Live band
  • Bands playing Italian classical music
  • Neapolitan Bands with Tarantella dancers
  • Big bands (up to 20 elements)

And everything you can imagine for you Dreaming Wedding in Italy!

Cars and boat rent

Our mission for your event in Italy is to give you a five star experience, that’s why we will take care even of your transportation to and from the wedding venue, the hotel, and any destination you choose. We have a great variety of cars and what we love most is to organize always something on a boat or a yacht: a wedding arrival, an other dinner during your stay, a Bach party or a photo shooting.
Moreover we have organized any kind of  photo shooting with vintage cars or Vespas, just ask.


Can’t make to get married in Italy? Why not organizing your honeymoon here? We know several places that will make you fall in love again.
We have few proposals, already planned to have everything a honeymoon should, and what’s more romantic that the country of Love?

Boat tour for the two of you, road trips to show you stunning places, candlelight dinners with stunning views and more.

Sometimes we had organized also “Hubby Moons”, when after the wedding most of the family goes back home and the spouses together with their closest friends continues the holiday. That’s interesting! Think about it, we’re here to make it happen.

Bridal beauty

We surely know how much important is for the bride to be her best version for her day, that’s why we never leave things to chance! Even if we are miles apart we’ll work on the ideal look the bride wants to have during the wedding. Working with the best make up and hair artists we’ll have the best result ever.


Hen/Bachelor Party

This party could be during the same week of your wedding or a distinct event. Maybe you’re planning a super Bach party for your best friend. Italy is the best place to do it!
We can organize everything you have in mind and we have already some packages for you: one day, three days or five days of pure amusement and relax surranded by the great beauty of Italy.

Accomodation and transfer

As we know how much effort it takes to organize everything (hotels, transfers to and from the airport, maybe a dinner the day before, maybe some day trip) especially for numerous guests, we decided to help you with this too. For us is easier because we are present locally. We select the vendors with the best prices and quality of service, so that there will be no surprises.

What we usually do with our spouses is to offer to their guest an all-in-one platform where friends and family can book their accommodation (choosing between at least 2 options), their transfers and furthermore we can add many services, as the groom and the bride decide (such as hair stylist- make up – day trips and more). Everything to let every guest organize their stay as easily as possible.

Day trip and touristic experiences

We know you chose Italy for many reasons, and among them for sure there’s the touristic value and the beauty of its cities and countrysides. We’re in love with our country too, that’s why we also work with many touristic agencies to create unique experiences along Italy, for the spouses, their relatives, but even for all the guests.

Furthermore we work a lot in Naples and in the Amalfi Coast also with our dedicated agency: Your Agency Napoli

What about a cooking lesson? Boat Party right behind Capri? Vintage Vespa photo shooting? These and many other more original experiences are available to make your stay unforgettable.

Themed parties and dinners

Who said your wedding should last just one day? We love when our clients ask us to organize welcome dinners, beach recovery parties the day after the wedding ceremony, Bach parties some days before the wedding, pizza and prosecco nights… Yes we love to party and we have already selected beautiful pubs, bars, beach clubs, pizzerias, everything we need to party the Italian way.

You just have to ask, we’re here to make it happen.
Furthermore we work a lot in Naples and in the Amalfi Coast also with our dedicated agency: Your Agency Napoli

What about a cooking lesson? Boat Party right behind Capri? Vintage Vespa photo shooting? These and many other more original experiences are available to make your stay unforgettable.