The Amalfi Coast is incredibly scenic, showcasing ivory and pastel-colored hamlets that are tightly clung onto the cliffs. It is a strikingly beautiful stretch of stony terrain that boasts a wide range of breathtaking views – from steep canyons to ornate medieval turrets situated in small villages. Multicolored small boats can be spotted along the azure coastline, resembling tropical fish. The refreshing scent of sea spray fills the coastal air.

It’s almost impossible not to be enamored with this region and its allure. The charm that it exudes is not solely due to its natural beauty, but also its history. Italy’s most elegant churches, hotels, and historic villas can be found here.

Pedestrians are greatly outnumbered by speeding Vespas, and the clamor of lively voices reverberates in the alleys, inviting friends and family members to step out onto their balconies… This is genuine folklore, and no other location in the world can replicate its authenticity.


Our team of Italian wedding coordinators is here to support you in planning a romantic wedding ceremony on the Coast of Amalfi. Amalfi, Atrani, Positano, and Ravello are all magnificent locations for civil or religious ceremonies. An Amalfi wedding is an exceptional choice, with the majestic Duomo for the ceremony and stunning venues perched on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean for the reception. A Positano wedding is truly awe-inspiring, set among its verdant gardens, bustling streets, charming homes, and exquisite Mediterranean villas. A Ravello wedding is intimate and romantic, with stunning ocean views and some of the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy.

Our company has been working closely for almost a decade with the most prestigious hotels and venues in the area, successfully organizing numerous destination weddings for couples from around the world.

On the Coast of Amalfi, there is a broad selection of wedding venues, from panoramic terraces with sea views to exotic gardens, Saracen towers, and historic villas with Moorish and Arabian-inspired temples surrounded by lush gardens overlooking the coast. Medieval palaces, luxurious Mediterranean villas with breathtaking views, sophisticated and elegant hotels on the Coast of Amalfi for wedding receptions, and even sailboats… The Coast of Amalfi truly offers everything you could ever imagine or desire for your special day.